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We Will Be Back Soon…

Due to several scheduling conflicts and various other implications HorriblyAWSM Entertainment is currently in a rebuilding process. But do not worry because HorriblyAWSM will be back and up and running very soon. Our company is currently expanding to various other platforms as well, the return of HorriblyAWSM will be bigger than ever.

"HorriblyAWSM: The Story So Far" now available for preorder on the apple ibookstore. Pre-order now for only $4.99! #apple #amazing #amazing #awesome #buy #book #comingsoon #follow #horriblyawsm #haadventures #horriblyawsmdayz #ibook #itunes #instagood #ibookstore #new #preorder #sale #tagsforlikes

HorriblyAWSM: The Story So Far

"HorriblyAWSM: The Story So Far" is perfect for any HorriblyAWSM fan that started with HorriblyAWSM from the beginning or just now got into it. This book is specifically made for iBooks on iPad. It is interactive and has tons of enjoyable features. It has everything you would want to know about HorriblyAWSM, all your questions will be answered. How we got started? What the cast is like off the camera? What shows will HorriblyAWSM have next? Everything will be answered. This book will also be updated every couple of months to give you more videos, features, shows, and new cast members coming. Some features include:

- Meet the Cast ~ Everything you want to know
- The Bully Project (Never before seen footage)
- HorriblyAWSM Season 5
- How we got started?
- First ever video made by HorriblyAWSM
- and so much more…

"HorriblyAWSM: The Story So Far" is perfect for any fan of HorriblyAWSM.

"HorriblyAWSM: The Story So Far" is now available for pre-order on the iPad. Buy now for only $4.99

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